How Do You Live a Meaningful Life

Have you ever counted yourself among the people who had almost given up on life, not really knowing what to do anymore? Do you find yourself living your everyday life on some sort of autopilot function, with no clear awareness of why you do the things you do, except for some vague reasoning that says “I gotta do it”? Or better yet, do you find yourself questioning your own existence, asking yourself for a sense of purpose?

The good news is this: you are not alone. You’re not the only one who feels that void in your gut, seeking for something greater than just the drudgery of everyday life. People all over the world feel this, too, and in feeling it, some experts have come up with excellent tips for a more meaningful life. These tips are not to be treated as gospel truth, but they do hold a grain of truth to them. So, the next time you feel that void in your gut again, you simply have to come back to this write-up, and see what you can do.

Focus on the Important Things

  • First tip for a more meaningful existence on this earth: focus on the important things. Sure, everyone’s talking about the latest gossip on which celebrity is dating whom, the popular media is telling you what’s the standard of handsome and beautiful, and you feel like your worth is based on how updated you are with these gossip stories as seen on the internet en digitale tv and how well you chase after these various standards. The truth, however, is that these are the things that won’t matter in the end. To live a more meaningful life, you need to focus on the essentials: love, passion, integrity, and other related values. Your health is also important so you might want to consider applying for a "zorgverzekering zilveren kruis" or a health insurance silver cross.

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Exert Effort to Discover and Find Your Life’s Purpose

  • Second tip for a more meaningful life: exert effort to discover and find your life’s purpose. Perhaps you can start by enumerating the things that you are really and truly passionate about, the things which you absolutely cannot live without. By identifying these things you can also start to formulate a sense of over-all purpose for your life, some sort of answer to the question of what you are living for.

Learn to Give to Others

  • Third tip: learn to give to others. You can try to go for simplicity in terms of the gifts you give. Is your younger sister so desperate to get new accessories? Why don’t you help her to score a huge discount on her favorite online shop using  discount promo codes (like an Abubot discount code, or a Park N Shop Coupon discount) to add that big smile to her day? You can get a promo code by subscribing to online shops or by doing your first purchase on the shop. By being more generous to others, you widen your circle and you also gain greater meaning to your life.

The meaning of life does not lie in how much money you make, how fat your paycheck is, or how popular you are with others. The meaning of life is to be found in the simple things that make life worthwhile – in your relationships, in the times that you spend making yourself and others happy, in the choices that you make for yourself and not merely to please others. Start making your life meaningful today. You can share advises by building a website and buying a massive web traffic guaranteed to get a lot of visitors.


  1. simple but enlightening article

  2. You should work out the balance of mind, emotion and physical activities

  3. Happy family, happy life 😀 that’ s the real deel

  4. Living a meaningful life is conquering the fear of losing. I have been able to conquer most of my fears in life, but losing someone or somethings can be the hardest part. I just lost my daughter to a disease and it was the most terrible thing that ever happened to me as a parent.

    • I agree with you. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I hope your are feeling better each day. May you find peace and encouragement 🙂

  5. Living a meaningful life is different for everyone. Not all will have the same experience, set of friends and support system. I think keeping a positive frame of mind is a start.

  6. Living a meaningful life has many meanings for all. For some it could be having everything they wanted. For others, it means having simple but stress-free life. Whatever our idea of a meaningful life, I’m sure it spells out PLENTY! LOL

  7. Many people fantasize on the things they wished they had. I think this is the most depraved idea of having a meaningful life. Why can’t we be happy with the life that we have now?

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